Hi! It’s me

My name is Pat a classically trained Architecture & Interior Designer by trade but always have a strong passion in Architectural illustration since my sophomore year in collage.


After spending four years in one of the best Art school in Thailand I came out equip with all the useful skill for traditional technique but then the digital era break out and left me more curious about my career path than ever before!

But It is a great opportunity for me to start learning more about this new technology and the new hybrid techniques and help me open up the whole new frontier to this Illustration world I fallen in love with all over again.


After working for two and a half years in the big design company as an in house illustrator it has left me questioning about where it is going in the world of Architecture illustration because as a classically train we does thing a lot by hand but the digital have taken over completely and thing start loosing it charm.

That let me to the US when thing still being done the old fashion way and people are more respected and appreciate for the value of the traditional technique.


After finished my master degree in Interior Design from Academy of Art University I been lucky enough to get invite back to teach a traditional rendering class for two and a half years and always fascinating to find something new to be learn everyday!


You might consider my rendering style a bit loose, sketchy and not so photo-realistic.

and you are absolutely right!


And by using this hybrid techniques I can produce my rendering much faster than a traditional or digital technique by it self and that mean my client will have more time perfecting their design therefore give them a bit more edge from the competitors.


Oh! and for anyone who might be wondering about the guy sitting next to me his name is Almond.