one thing let to another

When one of the most respected Architech Hart Howerton putting this family oriented space and design together for the renown inn at harbor town country club we end up with the result of downright charming that bring out all that warm fussy feeling in everybody who came across.

and to effectively represented this ideas in to an image I choose a combination of traditional (hand drawn) and digital (photoshop) with a little help of 3D base model (sketchup) and we end up with a very convincing result of this late afternoon setting with fun activities for the whole family by the pool side in front of the southern marchland charm.

this result let me to receive one of the most prestigious award from the most respected architecture illustration community “ASAI award of excellency 2017”



It’s not just a lunch break anymore

Sometime when you get cooked up working on the same project for a long period of time it could weaken your creativity glance. You day could get even worse if you forget to look up at the sky every ones in a while

telling your self to get up and walk around out side for some fresh air sometime.

your body alway appreciate some exercise after lunch and your mind as well.

you just got to finish your meal fast and sketch faster...

here is some sketch I did with pen and ink in just about 20 mins during my lunch hour and result is strangely satisfying! 


creative process

when people think about space, they normally associate space with static but it quite a contrially in reality.

space alway filled with people and activity therefor it hardly still but constantly shown sign of movements. it alway evolving and changing though out the day depending on it function. 

and you will want to capture it at it most active and vibriente

successful space will alway shown sign of used lots of it. as an illustrator we have been trained to understand the nature of this small but significant signs as our second nature when we think about space and when we try to capture one.

architecture with in the space will alway serve as a place for the people within it.